Easter Visit to El Salvador

At Easter this year, Brother Omar Lozada from Venezuela and I were invited to El Salvador to participate in an annual conference. This was a very encouraging experience! After being met at the airport by Brother Kevin Flett and his wife Patricia, we drove to a place called Al Arnatal,where a three day conference was coordinated by seven assemblies in the west of El Salvador

Writen by T. S. Ashley Milne


The Late Robert T. HallidayEarly Missionary to Cuba

Having grown up in the old Camden Gospel Hall in New Jersey' afforded me the privilege of meeting many missionaries going to and returning from South America' especially those engaged in the Lord's work in Venezuela. This missionary spirit and interest in the assembly originated with' and was promoted by the late Charles J. Strom.

Writen by Marjorie Thompson


Springdale, ARSpanish Assembly

We continue to teach and preach amongst the Hispanic people in this young assembly here in Springdale, Arkansas amongst the Hispanic people. It is an all Spanish assembly with only one of our Sunday School classes of teenage girls in English.

Writen by Harry and Rebekah Rodriguez


Venezuelan Outreach in Peru

Huaral, Lima, Peru: We started meetings for the preaching of the Gospel in the outskirts of the city as it was not possible for us to rent a central location in the city itself. We met at the home of Brother Alejandro Ollarves and his wife and family, who had started a Bible Class for children there.

Writen by Gelson & Carmen Villegas


Spanish-speaking Outreach,Pennsauken, NJ

Writen by Peter Higgins



We are all well and are in constant contact with all the workers. For me it brings back memories of El Salvador as a child, when many of those I knew were beaten and others just disappeared. We trust that the Lord will intervene in this most difficult situation and bring about calm once again. As you know we have to be very careful of what we say both here and abroad. We value your prayers as one who understands what we are going through here at this time.

Writen by Tony and Danelle Flett



We are thankful that the Ukrainian winter is a distant memory of snow, ice and minus temperatures and spring has arrived with light breezes, sunshine, and temperatures more than +20C. Surprising to us that the locals never mention the weather and for us, N Irish "blowins" are always murmuring!!

Writen by Edmund & Agnes Johnson


Chitokoloki, ZAMBIA

Greetings from Chitokoloki we are watching the Zambezi River change daily as it floods the surrounding area. The rains are tapering off in our area but they are still going strong north of us so we expect the river to rise some more.

Writen by Gordon and Ruth Hanna


Angola, Prayer Update

Writen by Dr. Samuel & Elizabeth Simonyi-Gindele