Latest NEWS from Nazareth

Autumn 2023
Written by George & Rosamond Khalil - Isreal

Ros and I want to thank you for your prayers and the many messages of love and support you have sent us recently. We are truly touched by your concern for us personally and the believers in the region. We know that true peace on a global scale will never happen until the Lord returns. Still, as believers, we are to be salt and light and pray with compassion for Israelis and Palestinians affected by this war in Israel and Gaza and for a halt to the killing on both sides. It grieves the Lord's heart and ours as well deeply.

We cannot discuss or give our personal opinions on the conflict or the political implications. We are aware of the surveillance of our communications.

Life is relatively normal for us here in Nazareth, but the war has affected most of us in some way. Some have lost their jobs, and others can't find work easily. We have had a serious loss of income from the sale of Bibles which helps to cover our operational costs, but we see the Lord is providing. He is such a faithful God. We are so upset with the current situation in the South and can't trust all the news coming out on the media. We know, from personal contacts, of some families in Gaza that have lost multiple family members in the bombing and others that have been driven from their homes and living outside in the rubble for several weeks in dreadful conditions and in constant fear. Jewish believers have been called up to the army, and some face serious combat and often moral dilemmas.

Mistrust and fear are growing between ethnic groups within Israel. There is a general feeling of tension and depression. Discrimination within Israel and violence in the West Bank (Palestinian Territories) is intensifying.

Please pray for the following:

  • for all believers, both Israeli and Palestinian, to be witnesses to the only One who can bring true peace.
  • for those who have been bereaved, injured, or made homeless on both sides.
  • for the Lord to dispel the fear, bitterness,a nd thirst for revenge, again on both sides.
  • for peace and harmony between the two ethnic groups within Israel and a halt to the rise in racial discrimination.
  • that hostilities do not escalate on the northern border with Lebanon
  • there are many believers on both sides of the border.
  • Most of all, please pray for a cessation of hostilities,
  • that basic aid - food, water, electricity, fuel, and medical supplies to get through to Gaza,
  • the safe return of the hostages.

I pray that people in Gaza may find our courses and daily devotions on our App or social media and come to faith in Christ.

Warmest greetings in Christ

Autumn 2023
Written by George & Rosamond Khalil - Isreal