Missionary Address

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Name City Country Mission Field
1 Marjorie Thompson Anchorage US U.S.A.
2 John and Olive Mcdowel Burleigh Heads Australia Australia
3 Dr. Clark and Hazel Logan Broadhurst Botswana Botswana
4 James and Joy Armstrong Brazil Brazil
5 Bill and Elen Watterson Brazil Brazil
6 Crawford and Heather Brown Brazil Brazil
7 Harry and Beth Wilson Porto Alegre, Brazil Brazil
8 Lindsay and Beth Carswell Sapucaia Do Sul Brazil Brazil
9 John and Christine Mccann Santa Maria Brazil Brazil
10 Mark and Lori Procopio 353 59575-000 Jenipabu Brazil Brazil
11 Tom and Dorothy Matthews Brazil
12 Steve and Kember Merle Lacrete Canada North West Territories
13 Kenneth and Doris Taylor Amherst Canada Nova Scotia
14 Ross Vanstone Portage La Prairie Canada Manitoba
15 Margaret Jones San Felipe Chile Chile
16 Dennis and Gloria Hanna Los Angeles Chile Chile
17 Andrew and Martina Kluge Correo 3 Valdivia Chile Chile
18 Ernest and Katherine Moore Osorno Chile Chile
19 Anne Reid Talca Chile Chile
20 David and Ruth Ann Rodgers Rancagua Chile Chile
21 Alan Knott Periera Colombia Colombia
22 Douglas and Kathleen Reid Piedra Blanca De Mora Costa Rica Costa Rica
23 Alan and Diana Clark Sonsonete El Salvador El Salvador
24 Kevin and Patricia Flett San Salvador El Salvador El Salvador
25 Helen Griffin San Salvador El Salvador El Salvador
26 Emily Mccandless Santa Ana El Salvador El Salvador
27 Craig and Corina Saword San Salvador El Salvador El Salvador
28 Dennis and Jean O'Hare France
29 Michael and Grace Browne Peasdown St. John, UK India & Serbia
30 Rachel Vance Markham Canada India & Serbia
31 Neil and Alice Thomson Langley Canada Venezuela
32 Harry and Jean Reid Bangor Ireland Northern Ireland
33 James and Edythe Currie Langley Canada Japan
34 Elton and Ruth Fairfield Northern Ireland Japan
35 Marcus and Allison Cain Tepic Mexico Mexico
36 John and Mivhelle Dennison Hermosillo Mexico Mexico
37 James and Nelly Dyck Santiago Ixc. Mexico Mexico
38 Dan and Joan Harvey Pachuca Mexico Mexico
39 Eleonor Mosquera Herosillo Mexico Mexico
40 John and Rebekah Nesbitt Costa Verde Boca Del Rio Mexico Mexico
41 Dr. Harrys and Rebekah Rodriguez Mexico Mexico
42 Paul and Barb Thiessen Guadalajara Mexico Mexico
43 Gilberto and Alicia Torrens Mexico Mexico
44 Jason and Shelley Wahls Tepic Mexico Mexico
45 Lou and Trudy Swaan Lutten Netherlands Netherlands
46 Mark and Brenda Bachert Carazo Nicaragua Nicaragua
47 Tony and Danelle Flett Carazo Nicaragua Nicaragua
48 John and Joanne Clingen Carazo Nicaragua Nicaragua
49 Mitch and Lorie Parent Englehart Canada Nicaragua
50 Kyle and Allison Wilson Carazo Nicaragua Nicaragua
51 Byrnell and Lois Foreshew Vista Alegre. Rep. De Panama Panama
52 Marcos and Sara Sequera CHIRIQUI Panama Panama
53 Paul and Sue Williams Judetul Brasov Romania Romania
54 Sabrina Booth Lappeenranta Finland St. Petersburg, Russia
55 Stephen and Gail Harper Malawi Malawi
56 David and Helen Mckillen Cape Town South Africa South Africa
57 Ron and Maria Cunningham Killimanjaro Africa Tanzania
58 Robert and Ruth Armstrong Dar-Es-Salaam, East Africa Tanzania
59 Jack Saword San Salvador SV El Salvador
60 Thomas and Nelly Baker Alhambra USA MEXICO
61 Timothy and Rhoda Sloan Newtownabbey Ireland Ukraine
62 Tom Lutley Trinidad Flores Uruguay Uruguay
63 Noel and Ann Mckeown Puerto La Cruz Venezuela Venezuela
64 Stephen and Helen Redpath Valle De La Pascua, Venezuela Venezuela
65 Edward and Ruth Smith Puerto Cabello Venezuela Venezuela
66 Ruth Thompson Venezuela Venezuela
67 Paul and Daphne Chapman El Vigia Venezuela Venezuela
68 Anderson and Maria Eugenia Hernandez Chihuahua Mexico MEXICO
69 Timothy and Amy Turkington Cancun Mexico MEXICO
70 Allan and Sandra Turkington Venezuela Venezuela
71 Andrew and Elena Turkington Venezuela Venezuela
72 Kenneth and Esther Turkington Venezuela Venezuela
73 Samuel and Sharon Ussher Palo Negro Venezuela Venezuela
74 Sauel and Rae Ussher Palo Negro Venezuela Venezuela
75 James and Ruth Walmsley Venezuela Venezuela
76 Jill Avery Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
77 Keith and Gayle Bailey Chitokoloki Zambia Zambia
78 Nora Draper Parry Sound Canada Zambia
79 Julie Frank Manyinga Zambia Zambia
80 Bethany Fuller Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
81 Margaret Gould Manyinga Zambia Zambia
82 Daisy Hanna Manyinga Zambia Zambia
83 Gordon and Ruth Hanna Chitokoloki Zambia Zambia
84 Shawn and Rhonda Markle Chitokoloki Zambia Zambia
85 David and Priscilla Mcallister Livingstone Zambia Zambia
86 Bruce and Marilyn Poidevin Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
87 Murray and Grace Poidevin Lukulu Zambia Zambia
88 Paul and Eunice Poidevin Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
89 Marian Ronald Zambia Zambia
90 William and Veronica Turkington Tucupita Venezuela Venezuela
91 Mark and Pamela Ronald Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
92 Alice Turner Ikelenge Zambia Zambia
93 Tanis Walker Chitokoloki Zambia Zambia
94 Marion Wilson Abbotsford Canada Zambia
95 Timothy and Jenna Stevenson Xalapa Mexico Mexico
96 Samuel and Elizabeth Simonyi-Gindele Saurimo Angola Angola
97 Edmund and Agnes Johnston Lviv Ukraine Ukraine
98 Shad and Debbie Kember Iguala, MX Mexico
99 Ronnie and Janeta Watterson San Paulo Brazil Brazil
100 Jim and Irene Legge Serowe Botswana Africa
101 Gordon and Doreen Williams Grande Prairie Canada Hutterite colonies, Canada
102 John Short Hong Kong
103 Stephen Paul and Sharon Grant Renfrewshire United Kingdom
104 Enris and Sylvia Nase Tirana Albania
105 Leonel and Iemy Chavez Guasave Mexico Mexico
106 David Weir Brasov ROMANIA ROMANIA
107 Johnathan and Hannah Seed Guadalajara MX Mexico
108 Enri and Sylvia Nase Tirana Albania Albania
109 Willians and Kylie Alcala Australia Australia
110 Brian and Debbie Howden Angola Angola
111 Colin and Christine Raggett Palapye Botswana Botswana
112 Duncan and Anna Beckett Iguala MEXICO Mexico
113 Joel and Kaleigh Griffin Angola Angola