Horizons Summer 2018

# Title Writer Country
1 The Work of the Lord Nicaragua,Today Mark and Brenda Bachert Nicaragua
2 Springdale, AR Spanish Assembly Harry and Rebekah Rodriguez USA
3 Acajutla, El SALVADOR Alan and Diana Clark El Salvador
4 Dolega, Chiriqui, PANAMA Marcos & Sara Sequera Panama
5 Dominica, WEST INDIES Ken and Doris Taylor West Indies
6 BRAZIL Billy and Elen Watterson Brazil
7 Oregon, MEXICO Shad and Debbie Kember Mexico
8 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEXICO Paul & Barbara Thiessen Mexico
9 Norco, Los Angeles, CA Tom and Nelly Baker USA
10 Spanish-speaking Outreach, Fresno, & VBS in East L A Brianna Steele USA
11 Tirana, Albania Enri & Sylvia Nase Albania
12 ZAMBIA Margaret Gould Zambia