Winter 2014
Written by Edmund Johnston - Ukraine

The war in the east of Ukraine intensified during June and July and, at the last report, the number dead has reached 3,500 souls, thousands injured and many with loss of limbs. We feel God has answered many prayers with a present cease-fire announced at the beginning of September which is holding, although very fragile.

In June we had Max McLean from Oil Springs assembly in Canada, with us for ten days. Our brother has been here many times before and again, on this visit, proved very helpful both spiritually and practically. Max was a great help in the assembly, with choice ministry, and preached the Gospel fervently in many orphanages. Also we had Doug and Debbie Yade from Kirkland Lake assembly, Ontario, at the beginning of July. This couple brought with them much encouragement for all of us here.

We were very pleased when the prison authorities contacted us to resume our monthly Gospel meeting - God again has answered prayer.

To facilitate the MOT of our vehicle, we drove back to N.I. (1,700 miles) and spent the month of August there. While there I had a number of report meetings and enjoyed fellowship with five different assemblies each Lord's day. On our way back we enjoyed a Lord's day with the assembly in Mechelen, Belgium.

We are thankful for the opportunity over the last four months to continue our fortnightly children's meeting in Sosnevska. We average twenty-five children and up to nine parents in attendance. Please pray that the scriptures learned will bear fruit in salvation.


  1. Commencement of Sunday School/Children's meeting in Lviv assembly. (Currently we have five boys who attend the breaking of bread and after the meeting is over we have a short time for singing choruses and learning verses).
  2. Sasha (25) who interprets in the Gospel outreach in Ivano but is not saved. We have planned, D.V., one week of Gospel meetings in Lviv where he has indicated he would be interested in attending.
  3. Two cousins of Vladimir (Lviv assembly interpreter) who are showing an interest in salvation - Olenka (19) and Maria (26).
We would like to acknowledge the value of your prayerful interest for us and the work of God here in Lviv.

Winter 2014
Written by Edmund Johnston - Ukraine