Prayer Requests: Panama

Winter 2014
Written by Marcos Sequera - Panama

We say, as the apostle Paul said, "I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me." Romans 15:30. With this text, we want to share with you some matters for prayer.

  1. Please pray for the assembly in Dolega. We are now a little more than one dozen in the fellowship but the people in the village, where the assembly is, prove to be hard and indifferent to the invitations to the meetings. We do see receptivity in the children and some adolescents.

  2. Sergio and Sandra, a married couple, are attending meetings with much interest but have not yet confessed the name of the Lord. Sergio is an army major and feels sorrowful for his sins.

  3. Natividad is an older lady who attends the meetings faithfully. There is much confusion in her mind by the false teaching left by the denominations in the past. We do not think she is saved but want the Holy Spirit to convict her with His perfect work. She has suffered greatly after the death of a child a few months ago.

  4. Gonzalo is the husband of a new believer who lately has been attending very frequently and listens with interest but is not saved.

  5. Bernabe, our second son, is eight years old and has not yet confessed faith in Christ. We know that he is a child but believe that he is already responsible. We try not to put pressure on him, since we want it to be the spirit of God who will lead him to Calvary.

  6. The assembly has acquired a plot of land to build a hall in the village but we have had problems with the neighbour who is opposed to the construction, which has stalled the project. The cause is very unfair and legal processes are slow. The neighbour is called Glen Bocharel. Please remember him in your prayers.

  7. Please pray for the work in Ciudad de David. There are now two sisters baptized and in fellowship in the assembly in Dolega. We want to begin a Bible class for children, in the home of one of them, in the will of the Lord.

  8. Please do not cease to pray for a group of boys that attend the Bible class in the assembly. The majority are not saved and have many family problems, drug issues and some in gangs. Sometimes there are twenty of them gathered.

  9. Please pray for Javier Quintero, a believer in the Dolega assembly but lives in the city of Changuinola, a four-hour drive across the mountain range. It is very difficult for him to attend the meetings. His wife is not yet saved.

  10. Please pray for a sister called Hilda Saldana, who lives very close to the hall where the assembly meet. She professed faith two years ago but when she decided to obey the Lord in baptism, something happened and, overnight, she stopped attending the meetings.

We leave with you these burdens, for prayer.

Winter 2014
Written by Marcos Sequera - Panama