Mexico - New Workers

Summer 2014
Written by Horizons - Mexico

Just as the apostle Paul heard the Macedonian call, we are also deeply thankful to the Lord of the harvest for those that heard the Mexican call and have come over to help us in 2014.

Timothy, Amy & Sofia Turkington

Timothy and Amy Turkington (3 year-old daughter, Sofia) were commended from the Barbula assembly on the northern end of Valencia, in Venezuela, and have settled into the work in Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula. It was becoming increasingly difficult for David, and Penelope Alves to make the weekly, 8 hour drive from Ciudad del Carmen to Cancun. Since December 2012 there was a group of about twenty believers anxious to learn, and earnest prayer was being made that God would send permanent help.

A rented house is used for the meetings here and it did not take this couple long to find another rented house to use as living quarters and get to work. A Sunday School wasstarted and new contacts are being made. The Turkingtons are also reaching out to relatives of the believers that live in a small town called Nicolas Bravo, a four-hour drive to the southwest of Cancun, not far from the border with the country of Belize. They also drive west for four hours to the small Mayan town of Paraiso, on the outskirts of the vast city of Merida. So far, two very faithful couples, with their young families, are the core of the work.

There is a children's work and gospel meeting every Saturday that they help with. Please remember to pray for them on their long ride home through rather solitary territory, back to Cancun every Saturday night.

Leonel and Iemy Chavez & daughters, Jarisdy and Shyla

Leonel and Iemy Chavez (two young teen-age daughters, Jarisdy and Shyla) were commended to full-time service by the Spanish-speaking West Phoenix assembly in Arizona. They were fruit of the first series of meetings that John Dennison and Shad Kember had in Spanish. Their growth was impressive and Leonel, who was one of the overseers, is sorely missed. They have settled in Guasave, north of Mazatlan, in the state of Sinaloa. Shad Kember and others had worked hard here, and in other towns not far from this city, for several months, and a rented hall was opened for meetings in December of 2013.

The Chavez family were not long in the country when they travelled nine hours to their native state of Chihuahua, with Shad Kember, to visit unsaved relatives in the small town of El Vergel. God worked in a remarkable way and eight souls professed faith in Christ. Please remember this dear couple in the huge leap of faith they have made to reach their own people.

Anderson and Maria Eugenia Hernandez & son Timothy.

Anderson and Maria Eugenia Hernandez (3 year-old son Timothy) are another Venezuelan couple commended to Mexico. They were commended from the Calle Sucre assembly in Puerto Cabello, where Sidney and Eleanor Saword were in fellowship for some sixty years. The Hernandez have settled in Chihuahua and are working very closely with Gilberto and Alicia Torrens (teen-aged daughter, Anagabriela) in Chihuahua city, the capital of Mexico's largest state. They were greatly encouraged early in their experience in this country when they accompanied the Torrens to visit a couple in a city, two hours drive away, called Ciudad Delicias. A middle-aged couple there had done something remarkable in a year previous. They had read in the newspaper of a model of Noah's ark that David Smith was showing in Chihuahua city. Exactly a year later the Hernandez and the Torrens were thrilled to hear the couple tell how they had finally understood their need of Christ as Saviour!

Josiah Dyck

Please continue to pray for James and Nelly Dyck a n d family, especially their young son, Josiah, (pictured above) who is being treated for leukemia. We miss them very much in Mexico. We really missed them all at the second annual conference in Santiago Ixcuintla at the end of June. Jesse and Emily Klein (2 year-old daughter, Anaya) and the local believers worked very hard at putting on a lovely conference enjoyed by all.

God is still on the throne, and He will remember His own. We earnestly covet your continued prayers for


Summer 2014
Written by Horizons - Mexico