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Winter 2013
Written by Timothy & Rhoda Sloan - Ukraine

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Timothy and Rhoda Sloan

10am tomorrow Ukrainian time (Saturday 22nd February) is the deadline given by the far right parties for the president to step down. If not they will march on the parliament bearing arms!!

Most will be aware of the terrible situation in Ukraine and we ask for your prayers. At the time of writing, over 100 have died in Kiev and other cities just today alone. These are the official figures so we are sure the figure is higher. Here in Lutsk we have also been affected with rioting outside the apartment. The police are being forced by the government to stand their ground against the people and threatened with being taken out to a forest and being shot if they don't. Just yesterday a few meters from our apartment the people overthrew the police station and set it on fire. I was unable to get back to Rhoda, who was in the apartment, until the evening.

Government buildings are being taken over, ransacked and set on fire. People who refuse to leave are removed forcible and treated roughly. Even the governor of our region was taken captive and chained outside the building that houses his offices.

We had to cancel our prayer meeting and Bible yesterday as we got news earlier in the day that the "titushka" were coming to town. These are a large group of people paid by the government to terrorise the population. They operate outside of the law and are responsible for a lot of brutality, disappearances and deaths! More information can be read at

In spite of this trouble Rhoda and I have decided to stay in the country and help the believers in Lutsk, Ukraine.

It is not easy as bank machines are cashless. The Ukrainian currency has dropped drastically and there has been a run on the banks. There is no money at present. This is badly affecting Rhoda and myself and our ability to meet our requirements regarding the feeding of the children, looking after the disabled children as well as helping the needy saints.

While it is affecting Rhoda and myself, it effects the poor believers even more.

Do pray for them. We care for them and will stand by them in their hour of need. That is our privilege and we covet your prayers. Do pray that peace will soon be restored to our divided land and that the freedom we have enjoyed in the preaching of the Gospel will continue.

We do appreciate your prayers and interest in the work of the Lord in Lutsk.

Winter 2013
Written by Timothy & Rhoda Sloan - Ukraine