Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Borneo, India And Fiji

Winter 2013
Written by Stephen & Sharon Grant - Sri Lanka

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Last year was the usual mix of service in different locations and amongst different age groups. I was happy to be able to continue a work in our local primary school which Sharon and I have been doing for some years among the P5 children. We have the opportunity of a children's meeting each Friday lunchtime within the school, which is a great opportunity of spreading the Gospel among the children. I was able to speak at camps in the summer and take weeks of school assemblies.

Gospel work among adults, writing and pastoral work, kept me busy in my immediate locality. I have had to restrict the work with assemblies in Northern Ireland and England, due to responsibilities in my assembly

At home, my Bible Class was a source of much joy. I was able to complete the studies in Romans, which took over two years, a series which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am starting 1st Corinthians and anticipate being in that book for some time. The numbers have remained good every second Friday and interest is very encouraging. We continued with our annual Bible Class weekend at Auchenfoyle Farm. This is the third year and we are at full capacity again, with plenty of people coming for the Bible teaching and fellowship. We will have it again in June and hope for warmer weather as poor weather has been a regular feature.

My travels abroad took me to Indonesia and Fiji. I have had a longstanding connection with the work in Indonesia, with numerous visits to the saints. It has been a joy to be able to channel funds into the areas of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Borneo, India and Fiji.

I was able to direct funds for the purchase of a mini-bus which continues to be of great value in the Citra Raya assembly in Indonesia. We have also paid off the mortgage on their building, put literature in their language and funded a few trips into Borneo as they have travelled back and forth witnessing to their extended families and home communities in the middle of "Kalamantan," which is Indonesian Borneo. Motorbikes, power point projector, laptop and computer, renovation and an extension to their building for kids work, the list goes on of financial support.

I had the joy of travelling into Borneo and Java, meeting other Christians and helping in a very limited way with their outreach. Perhaps the biggest blessing is simply to have fellowship and let them know that there are Christians on the other side of the world who have never met but support and care for them and their work. It has been a privilege to be a link between saints in the U.K. and places like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia, where we have done things as diverse as building toilets in schools, supplying vehicles, putting funds into farms, fishing boats, medical supplies, school resources, building shelters for abused women, provided a tuk tuk for a family to use as a business, paying for kid's schooling, providing nursery equipment, uniforms, school bags, supporting poor evangelists; literature translation. We look to the Lord this incoming year. Only He knows what lies ahead and we can only commit it to Him with confidence that His will be done.

Winter 2013
Written by Stephen & Sharon Grant - Sri Lanka