South Africa, Newsletter

Winter 2013
Written by David & Helen McKillen - South Africa

David & Helen McKillen

As we review - only from our standpoint - the year that has passed, we reflect on much that we neither planned nor predicted, yet we acknowledge, all lay within His divine purpose and plan. We can only bow to His sovereign will and direction.

January 2013 began with a long anticipated and much prayed-for trip into Namibia. A wonderful and welcoming land, lying to the north and west of South Africa and adjacent to Botswana, yet, for reasons unknown, unevangelized from an assembly perspective. With Dan & Stella Nguluka, we desired shared outreach into that land and, by God's grace, it was granted: 12,000k in four weeks, by Land Rover, over 11,000 Gospel Calendars and more than 20,000 Gospel tracts distributed in many languages, thousands in dozens of villages and towns touched by the gospel of the grace of God. The results are known in heaven. We have planted the seed, others are already watering, but only God can give the increase.


Pray for brother Dan as he has obtained permission to pitch a gospel tent in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia and purposes to distribute gospel calendars and preach the gospel for a number of nights within the next few weeks - early February, potentially.

On returning from our outreach safari, I was once again drawn to answer the demand for teaching among the assemblies of the Cape where - though not in all cases - a younger emerging generation has an appetite for the Word of God. We helped to recommence a conversational Bible Reading in the small assembly of North Pine, where we were in fellowship, and are pleased the saints are still progressing through the book of Acts.

From February until August 2013, I was occupied in over twenty weeks ministry and conferences. The area covered the Southern Peninsula, Mitchell's Plain and the Overberg region east of Cape Town. There are many little lampstands which we reflect on as being preserved by the One who walks among the lampstands still. The subjects covered in ministry included, "The Foundation of the Church," the "Principles of Assembly Gathering" and, increasingly, responded to a demand for Bible study and discussion groups in follow-up, as a result of Helen's faithful work in the bookstalls, where we provided sound literature and requests on the use of concordances and lexicons for new students.

Helen left for the UK and I followed for a seven-week visit to Ireland and the wedding of our oldest daughter, Anna. The day after our family wedding - 4th October 2013 - in response to routine blood tests, Helen was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia [AML] and commenced treatment as an inpatient in the specialist hospital. As I now write, [21st Jan 2014], the chemotherapy continues. She is strong in the Lord and I am humbled at her forbearance and fortitude in such a physical and mental trial.

In all of this unexpectedness and sudden rearrangement of human plans, we are blessed and humbled in equal measure to see the hand of our God at work, "What? Shall we receive good from the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?" (Job 2:10). We are especially blessed that the diagnosis was early, we were together as a family, the medical facilities in Belfast are excellent, we have been provided with a little home and good transport and, above all that, the Lord's people have continued in consistent and effectual fervent prayer for my dear wife and help-meet in the Lord's work. The prayer support and communications we have received have been a source of joy, tears, strength and wonderment, as the many places we have touched, and some we have not physically visited, have been drawn together in love with upholding arms for Helen's recovery.

Helen's progress, reduction of side effects, and testimony of faith, have been a quiet witness to many who otherwise would acknowledge little of the power of God.


Pray for the growth of the many small assemblies which we are not now able to be amongst, but our prayers are for their continued progress and preservation.

  • Pray for Namibia and the great potential of a lampstand of testimony being established.

  • Pray for Helen's full and complete recovery, which will be a slow return to full strength and pray earnestly for an effectual door of utterance to be opened, wherever we find ourselves positioned in His service just now.

  • Pray for Sylvia, a dear widowed sister who has been our fellow-companion in the work in Cape Town. She was diagnosed with severe cancer with no treatment scheduled. Our dear sister and family need much prayer.

  • Pray for Africa as darkness is increasing and many in authority seem to desire the old ways of spiritual darkness and sacrifices to the ancestral spirits. The hearts of many fail for fear, and the thoughts and questions on many lips in that land today are regarding the signs of His coming.

  • Most humbly we ask, pray for us. We cannot express our appreciation in words for all the blessing received in recent months through the prayers and kind words of so many. We thank you most inadequately in the Lord's name.


Winter 2013
Written by David & Helen McKillen - South Africa