Alhambra, Los Angeles

Winter 2013
Written by Thomas & Nelly Baker - Alhambra

Thomas & Nelly Baker

Much of our time is spent in visitation, as there is a great need. The Norco assembly is multicultural so I make a copy of my ministry notes in English, Spanish and Korean. It is very time-consuming but proven to be a blessing to those whose first language is not English.

Several who stopped coming years ago, have started to return to the meetings and over seventy are attending. We have watched in wonderment and would appreciate your prayers, as many of them have been saved out of the gangs. Throughout the years we have kept in contact through prayers and personal visits. There are other families that we continue to visit and pray for, trusting they will return.

One man has been faithfully coming. Through the use of drugs he had a frightening encounter with the evils of the occult world and was brought to the very door of death. It has been such a joy to see the transformation God has done. We visit him often and he pours out his heart in love and appreciation to the Lord for opening his eyes to reality. We have been working with him in his personal needs as he had nothing, so had him do much needed work around our house and the Hall. Some of the neighbours have hired him and his main desire is to build up a good relationship with the hope they will come to the meetings. He has a real zeal to win people to the Lord and we have been praying much for them.

His business card says, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." Both of us were crawling around the attic at the Hall. It was very hot and what we were doing was not easy. He turned to me and said, "Tom, quote Phil. 4:13, I need to hear it right now." He was a leader in the gangs. Now he is a leader in the things of the Lord. A couple of young men who recently started coming to the meetings, constantly speaks to them about the Lord. When I am there, he stops work to have a Bible Study. We appreciate your prayers for him.

Another young man started coming to the meetings. He too has been a real joy. He was tested for cancer in one leg but it is clear. He has other problems and, because of his infirmity, is not able to work. He spends most of his time studying the Bible, going to malls and coffee shops, passing our tracts and spreading the Gospel. He has an outgoing personality and it is amazing how many people listen to him. His grandmother passed away so he is taking the opportunity to bring the gospel to family members. Pray the Lord will bless his efforts.

Last year we received a young man into the assembly. He came faithfully before asking for reception, having attended a mega church but feels this is the place the Lord would have him gather. A Navy reserve, he is now in Afghanistan. His assignment is confidential so prayers for his safety is much appreciated.

We have been doing some work on the Norco Hall and, along with other things, we have fixed up the nursery. A lady who has started coming, had a baby last week, so we are trying to make everything nice for them. We also are building a baptistry. This has taken a while as the ground on the property is very hard and we will be having a baptism soon, as four have expressed a desire to obey the Lord in baptism. One is a nurse whose schedule was recently changed to where she has to work six Lord's days before she gets one off. She asked for prayer, as she wants to find a job that will leave Sundays free.

A couple of months ago we submitted plans to the City to build a patio on the back of the Hall. The first set of plans was sent back for revision but now approved. Every Lord's Day, we serve a lunch. It is quite crowded, moving the benches, etc. Our plan is to use the patio for the lunches and Sunday School classes. For years Nelly made all the lunches but now the other sisters have been bringing lunches, which has worked out well. Not only does it take a load off Nelly but it helps to promote more fellowship. The other benefit is a great assortment of meals - Korean, Mexican, American, etc.


Winter 2013
Written by Thomas & Nelly Baker - Alhambra