Lutsk, Ukraine

Winter 2013
Written by Timothy & Rhoda Sloan - Ukraine

Timothy & Rhoda Sloan

In twenty-one years we have never doubted that what we are doing is the Will of God. We are thrilled and enthused that God is working here in Lutsk, Ukraine. God has blessed in salvation and we have had the joy of another baptism. We cannot achieve anything by our own strength; we need the Lord's help and your prayerful support. !

From January to June 2013 we achieved so much and felt that we would be finished by early 2014. However, God had other plans and we had to pay off our builders in June. We recommenced in December, (2nd -19th), and have three major sections to finish: three toilets, kitchen & dining area. When finished, we will use the building to its full potential - Breaking of Bread meetings, Sunday Schools, Gospel & Ministry meetings, Children's meetings, Bible Study & Prayer meetings. The dining area will be used to feed the one-hundred children daily. We will commence English classes, using the Bible as our main textbook and would like to do a work among the elderly in our area. We look forward to having the Gospel Hall completed in 2014.

In November, our dear sister Lydia was suddenly called Home to be with her Saviour. She was truly like Lydia from Thyatira, who Heard, whose Heart was opened, who Hearkened, who Honoured the Lord in baptism and who showed much Hospitality. She will be greatly missed. We often preached the Gospel in her little home and were greatly encouraged, just after Lydia's funeral, when another family asked us to come and preach the Gospel in their home.


Nadia was baptized on 9th July in the lake at Ozeraw. In September 2007 I walked into a language school looking for someone to teach me Ukrainian - my teacher was Nadia. God saved her and we had the joy of seeing her baptized and in assembly fellowship. She never misses a meeting, enjoys her Sunday School Class and is a great help in our translation work and proofreading of assembly literature in Ukrainian. Nadia has a great testimony in her home, at work, and in the assembly. During 2013 we had a series of Gospel meetings in Luba's house (two rooms in an attic). There was not a night when we had less than fourteen unsaved in. Luba is very poor and, as a result of your kindness, we were able to buy her a fridge/ freezer, which was needed during the hot weather, as well as support her in buying materials, so that she could renovate an attic room. Pray that Luba will see her family saved. !

Anatoly and I work together five days a week, from 07.30 a.m. to late evening. He has been in the assembly for over ten years and is one of those dedicated believers who is fully committed to the assembly. He uses his time in interpretation, translation, proofreading, as well as running our new website.


We had approximately 110 believers/unbelievers from the U.S.A., Slovakia, Moldova and Ukraine gathered to hear the Word of God faithfully ministered by our brother Stephen Baker. Stephen was excellent as he spoke on Future Events and their relevance to us today. Brother James Colledge took the daily Children's meetings and he excelled in preaching the Gospel. Each night he took up Life's Greatest Question and explained it by telling a Bible story to the large number of children who attended.

Three-hundred-and-sixty-thousand Gospel tracts were printed over eleven years. We translated and printed 10,000 Gospel tracts based on the testimony of dear Flo Kancir, 5,000 Safety, Certainty & Enjoyment tracts and 10,000 Gospel Text Cards, for Sunday School and the streets.

We have taken delivery of 17,000 calendars for 2014. Four-thousand were given to Lviv and 2,000 to Ivano Frankivsk. It is a joy to give out 11,000 calendars in Lutsk and surrounding areas.

One big project for 2014 is the printing of 'Choices,' by brother John Dennison, translated by Nadia - an excellent book for young believers and we trust God will use it to help Ukrainian believers make better decisions in their Christian lives. Please pray for the development of this large but very important literature work in Lutsk. We would love to open a Christian bookshop/ store in the basement of the Gospel Hall and provide two believers with a job.


For eleven years we have been preaching the Gospel to over one-hundred children every day, before they receive a hot meal. This work will move to the Gospel Hall as soon as we have the kitchen/dining areas finished. God has never failed us and we really appreciate your support. Bobby has conscientiously been involved in this rewarding work for years. If you would like to help, please contact him: Mr Bobby Carson, 90 Duneoin Road, Glarryford, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. BT44 9HH. Northern Ireland.

Life is really difficult for these children and, with your help, we can give them little treats as well as preach the Gospel. Salvation would change their destiny in eternity and a little practical help now makes a difference in their sad, pitiful lives. We would do it for our own children/grandchildren - why not for others? Please pray for this very important and encouraging work. The Lord has been working and we have, over the years, seen some of these dear children saved. Some are now in the assembly in Lutsk. What a worthwhile work!


There are fifty special needs children -the child did not choose to be born in this condition. We can choose to do nothing or to do something! They never chose to be born disabled or abandoned. It is the responsibility of Lutsk assembly to show Christlike love in a practical way.

  1. Tetiana (29) lives with her mother and grand- mother (both invalids) in a two-room apartment, in appalling conditions. Her father and younger brother have died. Tetiana has been paralyzed since nine-months-old and she cannot walk or speak. There has been no mental development and she suffers from frequent attacks of epilepsy. She needs regular medical support.

  2. Victoria (16) lives with her grandmother, as her father left her, and her mother died of cancer. She is paralyzed and cannot walk or talk.

  3. Andrew (24) is looked after by his mother, as his father is also disabled. Andrew is paralyzed, and cannot walk or talk and he has lung problems. He often needs medical help.


Winter 2013
Written by Timothy & Rhoda Sloan - Ukraine