Burleigh Heads, Australia

Winter 2013
Written by John McDowell - Australia

One is amazed at God's matchless grace and kindness toward us. It is seventy years since the medical profession gave me up at seven years of age, with no hope of recovery. How blest we have been these many years. On 18th December, 1949, I was saved by God's grace and, ever since, so wonderfully preserved, in fellowship with the Lord's redeemed people. Forty-five years ago God gave me a good wife and we have been spared to enjoy each others company until the present, and privileged to spread the Gospel to millions of souls."

We have managed, with the Lord's help, to continue to display Gospel verses on over sixty sites in the main cities: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, for millions of people to read and there have been some interesting responses.

Although we are very restricted presently with shortness of breath and needing oxygen most of the time, we cannot do what once we did, so do thank God for young men raised up to continue to preach the Gospel and here, at Burleigh Heads, to take responsibility in the assembly. We look to the Lord to preserve them. The brethren have just had the permit renewed for twelve months, for permission to hold two open-air Gospel meetings each week in the park opposite the shops. For this we praise God.

Our brother Clive Barber has kept busy in the Gospel and recently he and Bryan Stewart, from Northern Ireland, (who settled in South Australia), had Gospel meetings in Adelaide, with good interest and blessing in salvation. Clive has gone over to New Zealand this month, to have meetings and follow up on previous contacts there.

Measureless distance the Saviour came,
To rescue men from sin and shame.
From dateless ages He lived above,
Yet came to earth to show His love.

Highly honoured in scenes on high,
Despised, rejected below the sky,
His perfect, fragrant, sinless life,
Brought peace and joy to those in strife.

His Father's will He must perform,
Though He must suffer pain and scorn,
He had to bear the cross alone,
That He might for our sin atone.

Redemption's price is now complete,
And saved souls worship at His feet,
God raised His Son to reign on high,
Crowned and worshipped above the sky.

Complete dominion will be His,
The Sovereign of the Universe,
Pre-eminent God's Son will be,
For He shall reign eternally.

- John McDowell -


Winter 2013
Written by John McDowell - Australia