Limassol, Cyprus

Spring 2023
Written by Michael and Shirley McKillen - Cyprus

After almost 20 years in the Rep of Ireland, we moved to Limassol, Cyprus, in July 2022 leaving two of our oldest children, Beth and Joel, behind and bringing our youngest, Erin, with us. During our time in Ireland, we were privileged to see the Lord commence a new assembly in Gorey (an hour south of Dublin.) We had always imagined that when the time came to move, the Lord would send us to another part of Ireland. It was, therefore, quite a surprise when, over the past few years, He began to challenge us about serving in Cyprus. We were sad to leave behind our brothers and sisters in Gorey but confident that just as the Lord was directing us, He would continue to direct them. Please pray for the elders and the rest of the assembly to adjust well to the changes and flourish as they grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

Logos School Cyprus

Although we seek to serve as widely as possible here in Cyprus, it has been a privilege to get involved with some aspects of life at Logos School. The school caters to approximately 300 children, from kindergarten to secondary level, from various religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. Their education is (thankfully!) carried out entirely in English, an official language on the island. Shirley volunteers to teach a Maths class for a few hours each week and has commenced a weekly 'Maths Clinic' for those who need extra help. Michael has weekly opportunities to share the Word in senior and junior assemblies.

At the end of last year, we ran a parenting course in the school. A few parents expressed an interest in learning more about Christianity. As a result, this year, we have been running a Christianity Explored course on Friday evenings. Although attendance has not been overly consistent, seven people have joined us.

Michael and Shirley McKillen (Left) with Graham and Caroline Webb

The group is very diverse with two Cypriots, two Russians, a man from Cameroon, an Israeli Jew, and a Muslim lady from Syria! A few of these folks are Believers keen to learn, and others need Christ. All of this presents challenges on both the basic communication level and the different world views of those present. Pray for help and a genuine work of the Spirit of God.

Shirley has recently commenced helping a few Logos School teachers run an ESL (English as a Second Language) program for mums once a week. Please pray that these ladies would be helped and friendships would be formed, and good opportunities arise for sharing the gospel.

In late February, we helped at a retreat for 44 children from the three senior years of Logos School. Michael had the opportunity to share the Word with them and to look after the senior boys Q&A sessions after the talks. These turned into fruitful sessions as the boys asked question after question. One of these sessions lasted nearly 2 hours! Pray for all who attended that the Lord might bless in salvation. We plan to do a special event with some of these young people soon to give them further opportunities to ask questions and encounter the truth.

We have appreciated being able to work alongside our colleagues, Graham and Caroline Webb, who have poured much time into spiritually caring for young teachers and former pupils who are now working in the city, alongside some other locals many of whom are young in the faith. We meet with this group for Bible study and fellowship twice monthly and conduct several residential Bible Study weekends with them throughout the year.

In March, Michael was asked to participate in a men's Bible teaching conference in the city, organized by a Belarusian brother keen to see men get more Bible teaching. It was good to have about 35 men together for the evening. Their eagerness to learn is encouraging, and there is a great need for solid teaching among God's people here. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to find a way of more regularly helping some of these men.

Although still a conservative country, the winds of change that have chilled much of the Western world are also starting to blow here. Naturally, among the younger generation, social media is hastening this change. So it was a privilege for Shirley and I to be invited by Logos School to help in several specially organized PSHE (Personal Social & Health Education) classes dealing with issues relating to identity etc. Pray for the teachers who daily seek to care for and counsel the children in many ways.

We would appreciate prayer for the Lord's continued guidance on where exactly He would have us focus our energies. Please pray for wisdom for those who have to make decisions regarding the future development of Logos School, especially regarding the need for new teachers for the 2023/24 academic year and beyond. There are currently openings in Physics, Maths, Greek, Upper Primary, and Reception, as well as for a Nursery assistant.

Spring 2023
Written by Michael and Shirley McKillen - Cyprus