Prahova, ROMANIA

Spring 2022
Written by Paul and Sue Williams - ROMANIA

Last week I was studying Philippians chapter 4 and very much enjoyed four very precious promises in verses 7, 9, 13 and 19. Two of these verses are written above. May every believer be in the constant enjoyment of these wonderful Divine promises:

  1. Verse 7 - The promise of the peace of God.
  2. Verse 9 - The promise of the presence of the God of peace.
  3. Verse 13 - The promise of the power of God.
  4. Verse 19 - The promise of the provision of God

Gospel tent work: In summary, in the 14th year of this work, tents were pitched in 87 places (in 17 Counties), with over 14,000 children attending their meetings, and in the evening, over 13,000 people (saved and unsaved) came to tent meetings. Most encouraging is that many people have been saved by Divine grace.

Gospel literature: In September, we received 1.2 million gospel tracts (2 new tracts and one reprint). One new track (about the birth of the Lord Jesus) has been used throughout Romania, with the 130,000 calendars printed and arriving at the beginning of December. Also, we initially published 75,000 A5 gospel texts (1 Timothy 1v15 - with a gospel message on the back) for Romanian evangelists, believers, and assemblies to use in December but needed to print an additional 25,000. During the year, I have discussed with elders in local assemblies in towns and cities the possibility of distributing gospel literature to many apartment blocks. The response was highly positive. We printed 350,000 gospel text cards (with a short gospel message on the back). It has been most encouraging to receive phone calls. In early December, I spent three days with a group of brethren distributing literature in towns in the mining valley of Jiu (Vulcan, Petrila, and Petrosani also the towns of Hunedoara and Deva. Approximately 30,000 homes received literature, people on the streets also accepted gospel calendars. The Tuesday before Christmas in the Northern city of Suceava, ten groups of believers were distributing literature and calendars throughout the city. Mid-January, they traveled nearly 100 km from Suceava to distribute gospel literature in the holiday resort town of Vatra Dornei, where an Assembly was closed for some years but has just reopened.

Translation work: Sue keeps busy checking the translation of the Precious Seed book on the Old Testament and Everyday Evangelism (sharing the gospel in conversation) by Paul McCauley and David Williamson. The latter book will be a significant help to new gospel work initiative amongst assemblies in Moldavia (N and NE Romania).

Purchase of land and the construction of a literature storage facility

With the significant expansion of gospel work envisaged and the increasing demand to print vast quantities of gospel tracts and booklets, I have been looking for over six months for suitable land to purchase in a strategic location and then construct a suitable building. There have been a few false starts and some disappointments! With the Lord's great help and outstanding and timely provision, the land was purchased on 8th October on the outskirts of Suceava, Northern Romania. A significant quantity of literature is used in the Northern region of Moldavia. It is an area that we have been visiting for many years. Last year, 25 visits were made to Moldavia (N. E. Romania) In early January, I had three nights of ministry with the Pascani assembly and a good time with the Helesteni assembly.

Current Covid situation: Assemblies have gathered together since the end of May 2020. Masks are worn, singing is permitted, and social distancing measures are in place; this has been a problem for some numerically large assemblies. For example, in October, I was invited to the largest assembly in Romania (500+ baptized believers), the Nicolina Assembly in the North Eastern city of Iasi. Because of the size of the assembly and current Covid restrictions, there are two meetings on Lord's day morning. It was a joy to minister the Word of God at both meetings and in the evening in the large Assembly in Pascani, County of Iasi. Masks are worn outside on the streets and also in shops, etc. The number of new Covid cases at present is soaring to over 30,000 daily. Because of the Covid virus, visits to Romanian speaking assemblies in Italy have not been possible.

Ministry meetings: Paul is heavily involved in a systematic Bible-teaching ministry from October to May. Regular visits to assemblies in our home County continue; monthly Saturday studies (10.00 to 14.00) in Galati (Eastern Romania) commenced in October and in January in Craiova, SW Romania (16.00 to 19.00); Bible studies via Zoom with the Ponsacco Assembly in Italy (3.5hours monthly) and series of ministry meetings in different areas of the country. Please pray for the Lord's help and spiritual growth amongst believers.

Spring 2022
Written by Paul and Sue Williams - ROMANIA