San Salvador, El SALVADOR

Spring 2022
Written by Kevin & Patricia Flett - El SALVADOR

The past few years have been very different for the world ever since Covid-19 started affecting the lives of individuals, families, nations, and the assemblies of God's people. You hear a lot of talk of how this has affected countries' economies and governments' efforts to get theirs back on track. Unfortunately, in some cases, the assemblies of God's people have also suffered a setback. As we look forward to 2022, our focus is to rebuild.

For the second year in a row, 8,000 calendars and Via magazines were delivered door to door in San Vicente. San Vicente is an hour out of San Salvador and has a population of 55,000. The city is given to Catholicism, but the people were very receptive and eager to receive the literature. Many contacts were made, and it is clear there is an open door there. Please pray that work can be started in San Vicente as the pandemic moves on and gathering restrictions are lifted.

In Santa Tecla, we are thankful for the meetings that are currently being held: the Lord's Supper, followed by the ministry, and Tuesday night prayer meeting. Our numbers are down, but the fellowship and unity among us is good. We are praying for guidance as to when we will start working with the young people we have kept in contact with and combine that with a Sunday evening gospel meeting.

Kevin & Patricia Flett

We were encouraged a few weeks back with the visit of a young couple and their two small children, Dennis and Gabriela. Dennis first came to the hall with his grandma almost 20 years ago as a very young boy. He had not been to any meetings in several years, so it was a real joy to see him and his family at the Tuesday night prayer meetings; they haven't missed a meeting since. Please pray for salvation or restoration as the need may be.

We were excited about four recently married couples and their involvement in the assembly a few years back. Now we continue to pray for them and their young families. I know that not all will agree with this, but the sound of a crying baby in a meeting is music to my ears. These new parents have a responsibility to raise their children for the Lord. Please pray for Allan, Fanny, Liam (3), and baby number 2 on the way. Victor, Karen, and Danila (1), Francisco, Diana, and Isabella (2), and Berna, Margarita, and Esteban (3 months).

Prayer request:

  • Salvation for Mr. Noel and Mr. Victor; their wives are in the assembly.
  • Men with a gift to evangelize and teach
  • Men that would rise to the call of leadership.
  • The construction of a new hall in Santa Tecla
  • Safety for God's people.

Spring 2022
Written by Kevin & Patricia Flett - El SALVADOR