Cuba Assistance

Spring 2021
Written by Ashley Milne Sr - Cuba

Full-time worker Francis with goods to deliver

The COVID pandemic has not only affected us here in North America but has been even more difficult for countries like Cuba which rely so heavily on tourism. Brother Al Adams (son of the late David Adams) and some other brethren in the US decided last fall to look into the possibility of sending some aid to the Christians in Cuba. Sometimes, even having the funds has not meant they can purchase the things needed.

The brethren in Cuba looked into the possibility of receiving this and what the charges would be. The Cuban authorities permitted them to import the goods without cost. Since it was considered humanitarian aid, and no doubt the Lord had his influence on that. With assistance from brethren in the Dominican Republic, many items were purchased and shipped at the end of December. Of course, as is to be expected in Cuba, things are as they always say there, "no es facil." Things are never easy, and it required numerous trips into Havana to multiple government offices to get the required documents. By the time the shipment arrived in the Port of Havana 3 weeks later, more documents and permits were needed.

Finally, they received a date when they could pick up the goods and rent a truck. They were all set to go. But you guessed it; something else needed to be done. So the truck rental was postponed for another week.

That sort of thing may be easy here at home, but getting a truck is no small task in Cuba unless you have connections. Once again, all was ready to go, and they headed into Havana to do the pick-up. Finally, they arrived at the place where they were to receive the goods and yes, you guessed it,another hitch. The two men who have to be there to deliver and sign off the shipment were not there as they could not get transportation to work that day.

Sala Evangelica in La Salud, Cuba

Brother Francis from the "La Salud" assembly and his Lada came to the rescue, and away he went to get the needed personnel. Finally, they had the goods loaded into the truck/bus. You will notice in the picture that the truck, as many in the country, serves two purposes. It is a truck with a built-in staircase to function as a bus and truck when needed.

The sisters in the two pictures above are what we feel had the most powerful effect on the entire effort. They had an all-night prayer meeting before the delivery was shipped. After receiving the goods (February 2021), they had an 11 pm to 2 am time of thanksgiving to the Lord for His goodness.

Items ready for distribution in El Gabriel, Cuba

DNS Relief Fellowship has developed an institutional relationship to deliver funds within a few days at a minimal cost. 100% of what is received by DNS for any of the projects is used for the salvation of the lost and the welfare, both spiritual and temporal, of believers. DNS is a not-for-profit organization and can issue receipts for tax purposes in the USA.

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Spring 2021
Written by Ashley Milne Sr - Cuba