Delta Amacuro, VENEZUELA

Autumn 2020
Written by William and Veronica Turkington - VENEZUELA

Delta Amacuro, Venezuela

We are debtors to the grace of our God. It also strengthens our hands to know of still other saints who have been remembering us in prayer. What a privilege to belong to "this peculiar people" above all that are upon the earth.

We have been living in the state of Delta Amacuro since 2013. It's the only state in Venezuela where as yet there is no assembly established. The preaching of the gospel has given some results, and it has pleased the Lord to save a few souls. There are four areas where gospel work is carried on weekly (that is before this lockdown ). Two of these are in communities of the indigenous tribe "Warao" who occupy a percentage of this state's population. Significant numbers of children attend these classes to learn from God's word. Most of the communities are along the Orinoco River branches, which flows out into the Atlantic. We have been able to visit a few of these by boat, sharing the message of light to many in heathen darkness. But the scarcity of gasoline and the dangers of traveling because of robberies have made it more difficult. We live in the capital of the state, Tucupita, and there are now eight believers baptized and a good number waiting to be baptized. We are praying that soon the Lord may plant a golden lamp-stand here for the Glory of His name.

William and Veronica Turkington

Last November, the Lord opened up the way for a visit to Northern Ireland, and it was a great joy for us to be with the family there for eight weeks. We visited many assemblies and attended a few conferences at the end of the year. After getting back to Venezuela, our plans to get out to Delta Amacuro as soon as possible changed quite unexpectedly. Numerous tests, appointments, and finally, a bone marrow biopsy revealed that Veronica has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

We are not sure how long this had been there. Before going to Ireland, her blood levels were a bit low, but thankfully during our stay there, she never felt unwell and was able to enjoy it very much. It hasn't been easy to take this in, but the God of all Comfort has helped us. His ways are perfect, even though, at times, we don't understand.

Now we have been in Tijuana, Mexico since Feb. 28, where she has been receiving treatment in a clinic that works with alternative cancer therapies and uses chemo in small doses when considered necessary. It has been slow for her blood levels to go up, and she has had to receive quite a few blood transfusions. We are in the hands of the Lord and desire that His will be done in her. We have much to be thankful for because apart from weakness, she has not suffered from pain or much discomfort from the low doses of chemo. Our three boys, Matthew (14), Mark (12), and Philip (8), stayed in Venezuela with my brother Allan and Sandra, so we know they are in good hands. Now we pray that the Lord will open up the way to return because, at present, the doors are closed because of the pandemic.

Just after we came to Mexico, an exercised brother, Antonio, with his wife Angelica, his son, and another young brother, went to Delta Amacuro to stay in our home. They kept the meetings going until COVID and visited the believers there, reading the word and encouraging them. A few unsaved have been listening, and a teenage boy, a brother of one of the believers, professed to be saved. Antonio offered him a bible for learning Psalm 119, and he has already accomplished it. Antonio hasn't been able to return to their home, which is over 15 hrs away, because there is no public transport between states, but we are thankful that he is helping the saints there in Delta Amacuro. Most of them are new believers.

Indeed, the pandemic's worldwide situation has brought many changes, and for us the believers, the worst is that we have been deprived of the privilege of gathering as assemblies. Still, we know our Lord has a purpose in all this, and His work continues, even though the gospel halls are closed. We pray that once the disruption is over, there might be in us a greater appreciation for privileges we have maybe taken for granted and an awakening among the unbelievers to seek the Lord.

Update: - William and Veronica have returned from Tijuana, Mexico, to Venezuela. She had been receiving alternative cancer treatment in a clinic since Feb. 28. Please Pray for a full recovery for our sister.

Autumn 2020
Written by William and Veronica Turkington - VENEZUELA