Zambia At A Glance

Spring 2020
Written by Submission - Zambia

Chitokoloki is a "Mission Station" where there exists a large, active busy Mission and Hospital that serves not only the people living in the immediate catchment area but also many others who travel from all areas of Zambia and even at times neighbouring countries, for medical assistance.

The Missions' goal is to share the Gospel and demonstrate the Love of God to all who come,whether it be for spiritual, emotional, or physical needs. Also that we may be a help and encouragement to the local Churches and individual Christians and further that all that we do may be to the honour and glory of the Lord's Name.

Loloma Mission Hospital. They have great care for the people who live in the area, which amounts to about 55,000 people, but their services also benefit people from other districts, provinces, and even neighbouring countries. The medical work started in 1956 and since then has grown to be a well-equipped hospital (by African standards) with 120 beds for inpatients. There is also a large outpatient department, and various programs in primary health care.

Loloma Mission Hospital
Patients and their relatives receiving some teaching before going home.

Chavuma Mission Hospital This is a small hospital (probably 50 in-patient beds) that services a wide area of this part of Zambia. Two young Japanese nurses who felt that God has called them to this part of Africa and now work full-time at Chavuma run the hospital. The hospital is very clean, efficiently run, and has male, female, and paediatric wards, active maternity service, and one very well equipped operating theatre. Dr. David makes the trip once a week to Chavuma to see patients and do surgery. During the week, if they have an emergency at Chavuma, they quickly transport the patient to Chitokoloki.

Dipalata Mission Hospital. Flying Mission Zambia is excited to be a part of Dipalata's new day. Now the clinic, which delivers 500-700 babies each year, is within 20 minutes flying time of Chitokoloki Hospital, with its resident surgeon, and just two flying hours away from Lusaka for visiting personnel or provisions. So Dipalata is finally on the bush strips map, and FMZ is helping to connect more people to the God who cares so much for them.

Sakeji Mission School. Sakeji Mission School is a Christian boarding school for grades one to nine, located in rural Northwest Province, Zambia. The school has a rich history, since 1925, of providing quality education in a nurturing environment; educating, training, and caring for children in ways which honour God and follow Christian patterns of learning and living. Our desire is that each student will enter into a lasting, personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and will continue in His ways in every area of life.

Prayer item: for Mark and Pam Ronald, Sakeji School, Zambia.
They and their youngest daughter travel to Saskatchewan for a year, leaving Jan. 25. They are hoping to live together as a family during that time.

They are so pleased to have some new staff for the short term-a school nurse, a grade three and four teacher, and others. The regular staff will still have to take on extra jobs. Pray for the senior students that have left that sheltered environment for further schooling. Nine of them were recently baptized. Pray they will be preserved. There is a REAL need for a kitchen caterer, dorm parents, and teachers.

The staff and Sr. students have been reaching out to other local schools with painting, patching walls and floors, and securing the buildings.

Kayombo Secondary School. Kayombo is a small village "in the boonies" by the Angolan border. It opened in Jan. 2015. It is full boarding with 107 students in residence. In the last set of national exams in 2019, the School had a 100% pass rate! Their high standards and consistent teaching of Scriptures is being recognized throughout in the country. Pray with us that the believers who are labouring there will be encouraged in seeing more students come to faith in our Lord and Saviour.

Spring 2020
Written by Submission - Zambia