Summer 2019
Written by Phil and Trena Gould - ST.LUCIA

Looking back over the past few months we are thankful for opportunities the Lord has granted us to labour for Him.

Phil and Trena Gould Seraiah (11), Vashti (9), and Titus (7)

Since August of last year, I have been going weekly on Sunday afternoons to a home in a place called Balata along with brother Patrick from the La Gare assembly. At the home are relatives of another of the believers and we have been seeking to share the gospel with them. Nekkev would show the most interest, but we also pray for his mother and also a sister named Melissa. With other responsibilities in March, April, and May that have prevented us from going, we will need to follow-up to gauge their interest.

In the middle of February we were back in Anse la Raye (about a 40 min drive) for another week with the children. There is no assembly testimony in this small fishing village and much of our time has been centred there. Gospel meetings last year had little response from adults, but weeks of Daily Bible Hour every couple of months have been well attended by the children. I also go weekly to Anse la Raye to distribute Via and texts and speak to any available. Each week I try to meet up with a fisherman named Mark to open the Bible with him. So there are many to remember in prayer. There is much need to seek the wisdom and guidance from our Lord as we continue to sow in this small fishing village.

For the month of March, the assembly in Soufriere asked for help in a series of gospel meetings. We stayed at the apartment the assembly has there rather than driving the 1.5 hrs drive one way each day from our apartment. It's only 43km from our apartment in the north of the island, but according to the girl's tally, there are 250 curves plus 30 hairpin curves so hence the time to travel. Each night there were those who were not saved in to hear the gospel and for that we are very thankful. The exercise and zeal of the assembly through these 4 weeks of meetings is very commendable. I spoke along side six brethren from the Soufriere assembly. We do not often get down to this assembly due to distance and what we are occupied with in the north of the island, so we have enjoyed this time to labour with the believers, and see their vision and desire for the lost.

In the middle of April we were back in Anse la Raye for another week of Daily Bible Hour. Another aspect of the work has been praying for the growth of the younger believers in the assemblies, so it was good to have a young sister and young brother from La Gare coming with us during the week. We pray that it will be an encouragement to them and a time of learning of what it is to labour together in the work of the gospel.

At the end of April the Forestiere assembly hosted the annual Easter Conference and it was good to see believers from six different assemblies for the day of ministry and gospel.

For the month of May we were back in Canada for a visit in Winnipeg. In that time back, we took in the annual conference as well as kept up with doctors appointments and passport renewals and a host of other small items. It was also really special to be there for Grandma Knowles 100th birthday. When we left in late 2017, we said goodbye and just really didn't know what the future would bring in seeing her again. Personally, our three children have quite enjoyed the time being with family and friends and just taking in somethings that aren't possible in St. Lucia.

We were thankful in returning to St.Lucia on June 2nd that both our vehicle and apartment were in good working order after being away. After cleaning up the dust and dirt that accumulates over a few weeks and swiftly evicting a few cockroaches that had decided to housesit for us, it felt very much like we were back at home. Trena and the children have returned to a normal homeschool schedule and I have been seeking to reconnect with those that we have missed seeing on a regular basis while away in Canada.

As we look ahead into the next few months, we are occupied with returning to helping in the regular assembly meetings and preparing for three weeks of children's work starting July 29th in the will of the Lord. We are planning another week of Daily Bible Hour in Anse la Raye, followed by assisting in the Vacation Bible Schools that are planned in Forestiere and La Gare. These, along with other responsibilities, and a desire of Trena to spend more dedicated time with a few young sisters will bring us through most of the summer months.

Summer 2019
Written by Phil and Trena Gould - ST.LUCIA