Outreach and visit to Coapinole

Winter 2018
Written by Ashley Milne - Mexico

The assembly at Coapinole, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico decided to conduct a series of Gospel and Ministry meetings, starting on October 14, 2018. The format was a little different. Every night including Saturday, Austin Milne (early 20's) opened in the Gospel. He was followed by Br. Omar Lozada and me (Austin's grandfather) on the Principles that should be seen and practiced in a New Testament assembly, as taught in the New Testament. The fourth week was entirely dedicated to the Gospel. Brother Omar and his wife Maryeri remained for another month at Puerto Vallarta after Austin and I returned home.

The brethren were pleased with the attendance which ranged between 30 to 60 present some nights. As many as 13 and 14 unsaved attended and listened well some evenings. It was a joy to meet many of those who were saved during our previous visit, last Nov.- Dec. 2017.

Centro Evangelico El Coapinole

Personal visits were an important part of the work. Many who had stopped attending, the meetings of the assembly, who once were in fellowship, came out. A brother called Noah, the husband of a sister in the meeting, who had been absent for two years, returned. He was in fellowship before that, for eight years. It was so encouraging to see him respond to the Scriptures and start attending once more.

One older couple in the assembly told us that all seven of their family were once in fellowship, now only one remains. One young sister, once in assembly fellowship, who has had a rocky marriage to a man who was also once in the meeting, has returned in response to visits and personal encouragement.

Another brother and his wife invited us for lunch in their home so that we could speak to their oldest daughter. In the past, she was in fellowship. It was a touching scene when in tears she confessed in the presence of her parents, that she had fallen into sin after her husband left her. She is continuing to attend the meetings! Praise the Lord!

It pleased the Lord to save a dear man called Cirilo during the Sunday night Gospel meeting on the fourth week. Austin read I Corinthians 13:13 where it speaks of faith, hope, and love. He said that we need faith and hope in this life. But when we get to heaven, we will see the object of our faith, and the fulfillment of our hope, but our love for what Christ has done for us, will continue for eternity. The dear man with tears in his eyes told us after the meeting that he had accepted the Lord! Isn't that wonderful? The elders gathered around him, as did the three of us. We all sang - Oh happy day! The assembly in Coapinole was very encouraged. The final night around sixty people attended including many unsaved.

Upon our return to Vancouver the following day we received a call from brother Omar in Pto. Vallarta to say that a man who attended on the last Sunday night got saved. After he returned home from the meeting, he reflected on what he had heard. The meeting was closed with the hymn "when the roll is called up yonder. I'll be there". In giving out the hymn, the speaker added that "if your name is not in the Lamb's book of life, please don't sing with us, as it would be a lie." I noticed this man sitting at the back was joining in and singing along. At the door, he was asked if he had accepted Christ. To which he replied "No" but "I'm that close," signalling with his fingers. He was told "If you are that close my friend, don't let the night go by without accepting Christ! You may never be that close again." The following evening the man returned and told one of the brethren the wonderful news that he had gone home the night before, and had accepted the Lord as his Saviour.

The Elders of the Coapinole assembly,
with some of the families
along with the three visitors.

We covet your prayers for the assembly and its current and former members at Puerto Vallarta. It was regrettable, indeed to see so many younger brethren and sisters from Christian homes, who were once in the fellowship of the assembly, turned aside, tripped up, and fall into sin themselves, due in part to the poor testimony and bad example of those they looked up to for many years. Many young believers were ending up with broken marriages, due to sin. We visited and talked to three such cases. Many live very loose lives morally. And yet they are so friendly and are willing to listen. As Rom 14:7 says: "For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself."

It is wonderful to see the interest, and exercise of the brothers and sisters in Puerto Vallarta. The people in Puerto Vallarta have an ear for the Gospel, and the saints appreciate visitors. Brother Omar has resumed the work in Puerto Vallarta working with the local brethren in a Gospel outreach of the assembly in a district called Volcanes. We look to the Lord to bless this currently ongoing effort.

Winter 2018
Written by Ashley Milne - Mexico