Tirana, Albania

Summer 2018
Written by Enri & Sylvia Nase - Albania

Tirana is a city of over one million people which affects daily commuting and in general results in a busy pace of life. This is one of the many challenges to the fellowship here, but despite it, there is a strong sense of belonging among the believers.

We are consecutively going through the gospel of John with the assembly at present. On Thursday we bring ministry, and on Sunday the Gospel is preached. There has been a real interest from the believers to study the Word more in depth and to learn from the Life of our Saviour.

More time has been dedicated to small groups and one on one these past six months due to the variety of needs and requests. We have found them very fruitful as individuals feel more comfortable to open up and discuss spiritual matters.

Two young ladies have recently made professions of faith, so we are going together through topics such as Salvation, Eternal security, Baptism, etc. In another study with four-five young men, we have been through the book of Romans and some specific topics.

Sylvia has weekly Bible studies with yet another girl, and I have started another one with her husband and another man who are both showing interest in spiritual matters. We are glad to see souls searching for the truth and would much appreciate your prayers for them, that the Lord may open their eyes and bring real change in their lives by trusting the Saviour.

I continue to be responsible for the teenagers' class and before finishing up this year we organized a three-day camp for them. During this time we considered the life of Timothy and his commitment to the Lord despite his young age. They got saved seven years ago and were received into fellowship shortly after. Alban was the treasurer of the assembly, and his wife

Mona helped with the children's meeting. Many of the other believers were saddened to hear of their move, but we believe in God's sovereignty and that He will raise up others to fill the gap left behind.

It has been our great privilege to finally print and present to the Albanian believers the book "Windows in Paradise" by our brother David Gooding. His depth of thought has blessed those who have started to read it, yet simplicity of presentation. A few other books are waiting to be sent to the printer within the next few weeks which are aimed at young Christians and Christian parents bringing up adolescents. We continue to visit other small assemblies around trying to encourage the dear believers as well as the prison in Lezhe.

We were blessed to have visits from brother Michael McKillen as well as Jason Rogers and his wife Laura in the past few months. We much appreciated the help of the brethren in both ministry and Gospel.

As most are probably aware, the container work which brother Cecil Gaw commenced over 25 years ago to send humanitarian aid to Albania, has now come to an end. Although we weren't involved with the handling of the containers, many of you blessed us as a family by sending parcels which we much appreciated. We are also grateful to Cecil and his wife Mildred along with the many co-workers for the effort, time and diligence given faithfully over the years to this practical ministry.

The children are doing well and have finished another school year. They are looking forward to visiting Northern Ireland for a few weeks over the summer to see their grandparents, cousins, and relatives.

Again we take the opportunity to thank you for your spiritual, prayerful and practical fellowship towards us over the past six months, of which we are truly thankful. We continue to visit other small assemblies around trying to encourage the dear believers as well as the prison in Lezhe.

Summer 2018
Written by Enri & Sylvia Nase - Albania