Norco, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2018
Written by Tom and Nelly Baker - USA

This past month we were with the Spanish believers in Houston, TX, the 15th to the 17th. We thank the Lord for a large number of people in attendance. It was a very encouraging conference. The local believers worked hard to accommodate all of us, and the Lord gave real

help in the ministry and the preaching of the gospel. This was their 3rd conference since the establishment of the assembly. We've had the privilege to be with them on all three occasions. A little update on activities in Norco, a couple of months ago we received a young sister into the assembly. She trusted Christ when Glen (our son) was preaching at a wedding. She obeyed the Lord in baptism a year later and now's she's been received.

This past Lord's Day, we celebrated our 10th year in Norco. It was a happy time of fellowship. We shared how the Lord brought us to Norco and the many events that have taken place during the past ten years. We can honestly say; "Hitherto hath the LORD helped us." Also, we had a baptism that day. The sister has been coming to the meetings for a couple of years. She trusted Christ during the meeting in one of our outreach works.

That particular outreach work is fascinating. It's in the home of a Korean family, from the Norco assembly. The meetings are in English and Spanish, so it's quite a cultural mixture. The Korean family has a real exercise to use their home for the Lord and His work. The assembly in Norco is made up of three primary cultures, English, Spanish and Korean.

This sister has come from a very rough and challenging background. All her family is unsaved and involved in gangs and violent activities. When she first started coming to the meetings, she showed no interest in the meetings. But, slowly but surely, the Lord was working in her heart and revealed her need of salvation. So, it gave us great joy to see her take this step of obeying the Lord in Baptism.

Her husband was saved a couple of years ago and has been baptized. We look forward to seeing them both in the assembly, Lord willing.This week and the next, Glen is helping with the VBS in the East LA assembly. Also, next week,he will have a series of Children's meetings in Culver City, in the evenings.

I will be helping with a Spanish gospel effort in San Diego, next week, Lord willing. John Dennison is with them this week.

So the work continues with the assemblies and the outreach works. We thank the Lord for every opportunity He affords us to serve Him and look to Him for His blessing on our service for Him and His people.

Gospel Hall, Sala Evangelica East L A

In the midst of all that has been going on, I was asked to transfer a large sum of money to help those involved with the Volcano in Guatemala. It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected, but with the help of the Guatemalan brethren here in the States, I was able to make the transfer. An interesting sequel; a 12-year-old Guatemalan boy is coming to the VBS in East LA. His parents sent him to the US a few months ago. The whole family lived at the foot of the volcano, parents' siblings, uncles, and aunts, etc. They all died in the eruption

Summer 2018
Written by Tom and Nelly Baker - USA