Summer 2018
Written by Ken and Doris Taylor - West Indies

Doris and I are recently returning from a two week trip to Dominica, West Indies. We had been exercised about visiting the saints there ever since hurricane Maria devastated their island last September.

The visit has only become possible recently as both my health condition and the lack of accommodations hindered us from going until the present time. In the interval, we have been working with four of the assembly elders who had formed a relief and rebuilding committee to oversee the needs of the saints and coordinate the rebuilding process. Inventories of building supplies on the island were depleted after the hurricane with little prospect of needed quantities becoming available for months.

Believers from the four assemblies present for a
ministry meeting in the Roseau Gospel Hall

The Lord graciously supplied funds through His people that enabled me to order galvanized roof sheeting, lumber, and supplies in St. Lucia for shipment to Dominica. This allowed the Christians to begin the work of replacing the damaged galvanized roofs. The work has been slow and laborious, but we are thankful that the roofs have been repaired on the many homes among the believers that were damaged and roof work has been completed on three of the Gospel Halls. The brethren are now addressing the next phase of replacing damaged windows and doors, and they will then start the work of repairing the many ceilings that were ruined by the fierce rain and winds of the storm.

While it will take years for that little island country to recover from the effects of the hurricane, it is good to see the overall progress that has been made. There were estimates that 75% of all buildings, both residential and commercial suffered hurricane damage. From what we saw during our visit, I would estimate that a full 40% still require significant repair work. We are grateful that the Lord has allowed us to see His people back under shelter and critical needs met. It has been important to get this done by the present time as they are now entering another hurricane season. There is, of course, much apprehension in the minds of people generally, as to what this summer season will bring. So many have said that Dominica could not withstand another hurricane this year, but at the same time, they say that it is of the Lord's mercies that they have been allowed to survive.

The rebuilding work undertaken since hurricane
Maria of September 2017.

The thankfulness of the Dominica believers for the help that has been given is very evident and quickly expressed. It is gratifying to see their acceptance of their circumstances and confidence in God. We were glad to be able to help them through ministry and gospel, as well as contributing financially to some situations that the relief committee had not been able to address. The brethren of the committee have done an excellent job of assessing the need, directing the materials, and guiding the rebuilding work. It has been my privilege to share with them in coordinating the overall undertaking, and witness the kindness of God in His care for His own.

We will appreciate the prayers of the Lord's people for the dear believers in Dominica, and also that these events may cause an awakening in the lives of many who are without an Eternal Shelter.

Summer 2018
Written by Ken and Doris Taylor - West Indies