Chitokoloki, ZAMBIA

Spring 2018
Written by Gordon and Ruth Hanna - ZAMBIA

Greetings from Chitokoloki we are watching the Zambezi River change daily as it floods the surrounding area. The rains are tapering off in our area but they are still going strong north of us so we expect the river to rise some more. A couple of days ago I opened parcels from you dear folks. I really appreciate the dresses and groceries that you sent along with your careful packing and labelling of the parcels.The supplies that come in parcels really do help us to keep things going here between shipments of medical supplies. I have just been trying to get caught up with correspondence as I have the time while out here in Lusaka but I have a few people that still do not give an e- mail address and for those folk it will take a few months for the mail to reach them. It has truly become snail mail so I am thankful I can communicate with you folk by e-mail. Thank you so much for your kindness as done unto the Lord.

I have come out to Lusaka with my husband as he has a week of meetings here and I can use a change of pace and a little respite from the constant demands of the station and people in need of either work or food or something else. It all starts very early in the morning and the night before we left was still seeing phone calls at 2:00 am. We are getting past our "best before" date and trying to keep up gets harder especially with Gord's constant neuropathy in his feet that prevents him from sleeping more than three or four hours each night.

The station has been full to overflowing with short term helpers and we do appreciate what they bring to the station. Tim and Mary Mc- Dougall from Ontario have been working very hard on a new building for nutritional support and the introduction of the Gospel to children at a level they can understand and take on board. Mary has been spending many hours at Hospital making up a program to improve the nutritional support of patients. There have been a lot of adult patients as well as children that were in bad shape lately.

Phil Horne and his friend Dave from Ireland have been a huge help in the building end of things. They have also said they would be willing to come back in September when we can finally reach the solar water pumps that are currently submerged in the flooded river and pull them out to see what is wrong with them. They may be blocked with debris or there may be other problems but it is a huge job and we sure would appreciate their help

Dr Peter Norris and his wife Cathy are here from Sault Ste. Marie Ont. and have seen over 280 patients and given out 200 pairs of glasses in two weeks. Dr Rosalind Jefferson has been with us for three months and will be returning to England for a couple of months and she plans to return to us late in July. She is a paediatrician and a huge help with the medical work.

Dr David McAdam has had his son Dr. Andrew McAdam and his wife Jennie who is a Canadian from Newfoundland visiting for a month and it has been a great bonus for the two of them to be able to work together at Chitokoloki. Andrew grew up at the station and he has enjoyed returning.

The end of this month will see the station down sized by two couples - the Baileys and the Markle's are returning to Canada for a few months furlough. Dr and Mrs David McAdam plan to be away for a much needed break for the month of June.

We would value your prayer support as we struggle on here. The enemy never lets up and it has been particularly difficult this past few months.

Once again I would like to thank you for your continued interest in the work here at Chitokoloki. May God richly bless your labour of love .

Spring 2018
Written by Gordon and Ruth Hanna - ZAMBIA