Venezuelan Outreach in Peru

Spring 2018
Written by Gelson & Carmen Villegas - Peru

Huaral, Lima, Peru: We started meetings for the preaching of the Gospel in the outskirts of the city as it was not possible for us to rent a central location in the city itself. We met at the home of Brother Alejandro Ollarves and his wife and family, who had started a Bible Class for children there.

"Lev.26: 3 - 4 "If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit."

By the grace of the Lord, through contacts of brethren from different Assemblies in Venezuela, we have managed to meet up with other brethren who now find themselves in Lima, Peru. These have the desire to gather only to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the sound doctrine that we have received: Two sisters Nubia de Barragan and Yanerit Lopez (from the El Cementerio assembly in Caracas) Brother Reinaldo Montoya and his family also from Venezuela had already started family meetings in the afternoon at their residence). Brother Felix Carrillo (from Moron, Las Plcelas, Venezuela,) recently moved to Tacna, for a better job. Recently, Brother Daniel Garcia (Paya, ARA) was also able to contact Brother Francisco Alarcon (from Barinas, Venezuela), who is also in Lima, with his wife who has been sick. His wife and children are not yet saved; please, pray for them.

Several of us went to visit them, which was very pleasing to them and us. On a previous Lord's day, brother Francisco attended a Devotional meeting with brother Ruben Castillo (also from Barinas, Venezuela). The Lord has provided us with 15 more chairs for meetings. We continue asking your prayer for the work here and, if it is His will, for us to get a larger place to hold the meetings. Also, that our brethren who have come from Venezuela, may find jobs that allow them to have the Lord's days free so that they can be available to serve the Lord. Some of the believers do not have this freedom at the moment because of the way of life and work as it takes place here in Peru.

For now, we do what we can here in Las Palmeras, at the residence of the Coqui sisters, where they also have a family meeting in the afternoons. Likewise, a family meeting is carried out in another suburb in the residence of the Plaz Family. The area, where they live is also visited before the meeting at 5 pm. We ask you to pray for this exercise of sowing the seed.

We received word from brother (Yilber Gonzalez, who wrote: "The Word has been well received by the neighbours in this area, but we know that the enemy always tries to hinder. We are praying, and expect to visit this area soon in the will of the Lord. We try to maintain contact and fellowship with the brethren and the works in Chosica where (Rolando Acosta and family) and Huaral (Alejandro Ovalles and family), live. Please continue praying for the progress of the work in those places.

Piura, Peru La Arena: "Recently we had a lovely visit from Brother Cristobal Beresford, who is already more free to speak in Spanish." We made a brief visit to Sechura (50 km south of Piura, the state capital) were another two Venezuelan Christian, families have settled. In the will of God, we have agreed to start preaching in that locality, on our return to the North of the country "(Gelson and Carmen Villegas Apr. 26, 2018.

Editorial Note:
These are brethren and sisters from assemblies in Venezuela who have gone to Peru in search of a better life for themselves and their families. It reminds us of what took place in Acts 8:4 "they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word."

Spring 2018
Written by Gelson & Carmen Villegas - Peru