Santa Tecla, EL SALVADOR

Winter 2017
Written by Kevin and Patricia Flett - EL SALVADOR

For the past several years Patty and I have been helping the assembly in Santa Tecla. Santa Tecla is the capital city of the department of La Libertad and borders San Salvador with a population of approximately 135,000. The assembly was established in 2005 after a seed sowers in 2004. At that time an old building on a large lot was purchased in the down town area of Santa Tecla. The building that is over 100 years old, and built out of clay, straw and wood, was remodelled and made suitable for a temporary place to gather with the plans of building something new in the near future. Thirteen years later we are ready to build a new hall. We continue to look for His guidance but feel that the time has come to move forward. The old building needs lots of repairs and it does not seem wise to keep putting money into an old building that is not structurally sound.

The assembly work in Santa Tecla has been slow and difficult at times but we are gratefully for all that He continues to do. Currently there are 35 in assembly fellowship. The gospel is preached every Tuesday and Sunday evening. The hall is full on most Sunday evenings. Several young people in their early teens that come to the 3 o'clock Sunday school stay for the 5:30 gospel meeting. Remember these teens in your prayers as they come from broken homes were one or both patents are in prison. The neighbourhoods in which they live is heavily controlled by gangs. Last month one of these young boys professed to be saved, pray for Alvaro. Those that teach the children on Sundays are faced with danger as well as they walk through these neighbourhoods picking up the children. Each one of the adults that help in the Sunday school wears a tee shirt with the name of the hall on it as a way of identification. Even though those in gangs have little respect for human life there is a certain amount of the fear of God when it comes to those that profess and live a Christian life.

As the Easter weekend approaches there will be several conferences throughout El Salvador. Patty and I will be with the 7 assemblies that are in the west of the country. Last year there was an average attendance of 350 per day, we expect the same if not more this year. There is no building big enough to hold everyone, so they put up a shelter made out of bamboo and palm branches. We trust the Word of God spoken will be a blessing to saved and unsaved alike.

Prayer request:

  • Salvation for Mr. Noel and Mr. Victor; their wives are in the assembly.
  • Four young couples recently married, Allan & Fanny, Victor (Mr. Victor's son) & Karen, Berna & Margarita, Francisco & Diana.
  • Men with a gift to evangelize and teach.
  • Men that would rise to the call of leadership.
  • The construction of a new hall
  • Safety for God's people

Winter 2017
Written by Kevin and Patricia Flett - EL SALVADOR