Visiting Cuba again ...

Summer 2017
Written by T. S. Ashley Milne - Cuba

Two years after the passing of my dear wife Jean, and accompanied by my eldest son Jonathan Ashley and grandson Austin (currently helping in the work of the Lord in Nicaragua), I returned to the same area of Cuba that we visited in 2015. I also invited, a good friend from my youth, Omar Lozada and his wife Maryeri both from Venezuela to accompany us. Together we visited five assemblies, gathered in the Lord's Name, in the Western part of the Island, these are: El Vedado, La Vibora, El Gabriel, La Salud and Pinar del Rio.

Accompanied by - Omar Lozada (Venezuela)
J. Ashley Milne & his son Austin in El Gabriel,

It is wonderful to see how the Lord has sustained His work in Cuba since January 1960 when all the missionaries were forced to abandon and leave, until the present. Since then the believers have not had much help from the assemblies abroad. In each of these places, there is freedom to gather. The halls are open to the street outside each with a sign that reads "Sala Evangelica," along with the name under which they are registered with the government "brethren gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mt. 18:20." The Lord has added a new generation of zealous believers in the doctrine of New Testament. It was a joy to see, that between the first visit and this one the Lord had added new converts.

The assembly in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Preserved ...
To our surprise and regret, these dear believers in recent years have had more opposition and problems from foreign visitors than from the Cuban authorities. Some have tried to introduce false doctrines and traditions that are practiced in other countries and have no basis in the scriptures such as - Calvinism Needed-truth teaching, and traditions from other countries as well. Nevertheless, the Lord has raised up among the Cuban assemblies, brethren with vision and maturity who have faced the circumstances and have effectively defended the work. "searching the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

Outreach Works For seventeen years a children's work has continued in Old Habana, in the home of a brother who lives in a very poor neighbourhood of the city of Havana.

In one of the assemblies that we visited one of the brethren gives each person five or six gospel tracts after the Lord's Supper, which they are to distribute individually during the week; the commitment is to witness one on one, a little with the person who you give the tract too.

Impressions ...
We were able to talk freely to many people in a park near the "Sala Evangelica" in Vedado, Havana, in the centre of the city, near the Plaza de la Revolution. We shared the Gospel directly with many people, and it is evident, that there is an open ear for the Gospel, today in Cuba. From these talks, we were able to make three new contacts. Two ladies and a 17-year-old girl, with whom we talked in the park and in the place where we had breakfast every morning, near the "Sala Evangelica" in Vedado Havana. We had the joy of hearing them confess to being saved. One of the brethren has informed me that they are attending the meetings.

In every place we visited, we enjoyed sharing the Word of God, both in Gospel and in the teaching of believers. The brethren showed a real interest in the Word as when Ezra opened the book in Jerusalem, Neh. 8: 5-8. Also in Havana (where we were staying during the last week), the Lord allowed us to have Bible studies in the apartment to encourage the brethren.

More than anything else, the work in Cuba needs our Prayers. "Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest to send helpers and teachers into His harvest" Mt 9:38

If you visit, Cuba and wish to meet the believers, Spanish is essential as little English is spoken. Do not go to criticize, compare, look for flaws or want to change things. The Lord has maintained this work for over 60 years without help from the outside and can continue to do so in the future. The contribution should be focused on maintaining and helping to grow the work with humility and simplicity of heart in love.

Summer 2017
Written by T. S. Ashley Milne - Cuba