Panama Valle Hermoso Today

Spring 2017
Written by Byrnell and Lois Foreshew - Panama

Gospel meeting in Valle Hermoso

"How good is the God we adore, our faithful unchangeable Friend,
his love is as great as his power, and knows neither measure nor end."
Joseph Hart, 1712-1768

Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God,
which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him
and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;
Deut. 7:9

As we look back over the year 2016, we have often commented and bowed our head in thanksgiving that it was a year of encouragement, growth, blessing and arising from some dark clouds and challenging valleys that came upon the work here in the past.

We know that God is always faithful, that's who He is and that can't change, experiencing His faithfulness in varies ways has strengthened us and caused us to praise Him for His unchangeable character - God is faithful!

After a number of years of preaching the gospel and children's bible classes on the patio of Anelda's house, she professed to be saved and in December 2016, with her unsaved husband and large family present she obeyed the Lord in baptism. This brought much joy to the saints. Her husband has been showing interest in spiritual things and comes with her on Sunday mornings when his shift work allows.

Another lady called Nati that attended those years of meetings on the patio of Anelda's house has also expressed a desire to be saved. She faithfully brings her children each Sunday to the meetings and has asked us to come and preach at her house. So we have started an open-air meeting in front of her house on Thursday evenings, as her husband has this day off. He sits inside and doesn't show much interest, but the windows are open, and we know he can hear what's being said. We pray that the recent sudden death of his father will awaken him to his need of salvation.

Luis & Sara (visiting from Venezuela) with Byrnell & Lois Foreshew.

Over Christmas, we had some children's bible classes and our annual Christmas meal at the hall. Luis & Sara (visiting from Venezuela) with Byrnell & Lois Foreshew. There were over 80 in attendance at the Christmas meal, including a few that at one time had been bitter against us. We were delighted to see this softening and trust that Spirit continues to work in their hearts.

While we approached the ending of 2016 and anticipated a new year, there were three contacts (2 teenagers) that said that what they wanted mostly in 2017 is to be saved. We can only continue to pray that the Lord will continue to deal with them. So many say these words, but never pursue salvation with all their hearts as the distractions and temptations are numerous.

We ended the Bible classes in the boys home until school starts up again at the beginning of March. We would value your prayers that we will be given permission to have the classes there again this year. We have gained the confidence of the carers, and they are delighted to have us come, but the decision is up to the director who has shown us kindness but is Catholic and not always appreciative of the content of the Bible classes. May the Lord bless in granting us entrance again to have the classes as well as the salvation of the director and the carers.

We would value your prayer for:

  • Preservation of the two assemblies
    (fellow workers Marcos & Sara Sequera & their 3 boys in Chiriqui)
  • Wisdom to guide, teach and live before the believers as examples
  • Consistency, commitment and growth of the believers
  • Raise up Godly men to take responsibility in the assembly
  • Salvation of souls
    (unsaved family members of the believers)
  • Preservation of the young believers that are in university, the temptations are great.

Spring 2017
Written by Byrnell and Lois Foreshew - Panama