Botswana, A Year of Jubilee

Autumn 2016
Written by Dr. Clark & Hazel Logan - Botswana

This has been a notable year for Botswana with the nation celebrating fifty years of independence. We have so much to be thankful for and apart from economic growth and development we have enjoyed a remarkable degree of peace and stability in a sometimes troubled region. This has meant that gospel work has continued relatively unhindered.

To celebrate our Jubilee, some special items of gospel literature have been prepared including a commemorative edition of the New Testament. It is our hope and prayer that these items will be read and that souls will be blessed.

Here in Gaborone, we have been encouraged by blessing in salvation: three women in their early twenties and two younger lads have trusted Christ in recent months. There have also been several additions to the assembly.

Children reciting verses
at their prize-giving 15 Oct 2016

During the month of May, we had an opportunity to preach the gospel for the first time in the village of Moshupa. A young assembly couple who live there opened their home and invited their neighbours in. For some of us this involved a three-hour journey each evening on a dangerous road known for many fatal accidents, so we were especially thankful for safe travel.

Our annual July conference was well attended, and we were glad of the help of brother John Fleck and others in the ministry and gospel preaching.

July conference speakers and interpreters

We have now begun the busy round of Sunday School prize-givings in 13 different locations. Hundreds of children hear the Word each week and over the years many have been saved.

Earlier in the year, Hazel had a setback in her health and spent four days in the hospital. She is slowly regaining her strength and would value your prayers.

Autumn 2016
Written by Dr. Clark & Hazel Logan - Botswana