San Felipe, Venezuela

Winter 2015
Written by T. S. Ashley Milne - Venezuela

Mark 95 years since the assembly was established.

(1920 - 2015)

San Felipe was the third assembly to be established in Venezuela and today there are over 150 in fellowship. The work began with tent meetings when William Williams decided to use his tent in that city. So on January 29, 1919, the Gospel entered the city for the first time. Along with fellow-helpers, the foundation of the assembly was laid.

The Assembly in San Felipe commenced in 1920, and the Christians met in the home of one of the brethren, until 1924. Then the hall was built just three blocks from the Plaza Bolivar in the center of town, and the inauguration of the hall took place on August 10, 1926. The Assembly began to grow little by little.

In 1928, William Williams who had just returned to Venezuela newly married moved with his new bride Mabel to San Felipe for five weeks.

Then in January 1931, Bertie Douglas and his wife the first to be commended from Northern Ireland to the work in Venezuela, moved to San Felipe and began to help in the work in the state of Yaracuy. By this time, the assembly in San Felipe had about 40 in fellowship. Bertie Douglas built a residence behind the hall in San Felipe. It seemed that everything was going ahead without hinderance.

But the Lord brought another test, to the work in San Felipe in the home call of this servant of the Lord. In 1935, Bertie and his wife went on furlough to Northern Ireland. There he took ill suddenly and departed to be with the Lord on October 31, 1935.

They were followed, by Mr. & Mrs. John Wells. Commended by the Bleary assembly, in Northern Ireland who also settled in San Felipe for a time. Following the second world war, some brethren from both Northern Ireland and Canada were exercised to serve the Lord in Venezuela.

A new era began in 1947 when Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Milne sailed on Queen Elizabeth, on the 11th of February and arrived at Puerto Cabello on May 7, that year, commended by the assembly of Lower Windsor, in Belfast. After a few months in Puerto Cabello, they took up residence in San Felipe.

Joe and Georgina Milne faithfully served the Lord in the Yaracuy for fifty years until 1997, when due to health concerns, they were forced to return to Northern Ireland. During those years in San Felipe along with other brethren, brother Milne preached the word and planted assemblies in the surrounding towns and villages. Today there are sixteen assemblies in the state of Yaracuy.

Austin Milne (my grandson) and I with Nehemiah Sequera and his wife Bestalia,
who serve the Lord in Ciudad Guayana in the state of Bolivar in southern Venezuela.


Conference gathering in October this year.

In October, this year at the annual conference in San Felipe they celebrated their 95th anniversary. Over 500 believers came from other assemblies in the country and some full-time brethren ministered the Word of God. On Saturday and Sunday 2570 plates of food were served. The Lord met the need in spite of the great scarcity of supplies in the country at present.

On Saturday afternoon of the conference, a Thanksgiving meeting and summary of the goodness of God over 95 years was given by one of the brethren.

Winter 2015
Written by T. S. Ashley Milne - Venezuela